hi, I'm 


nice to          you


I'm all about immortalizing

honest, sentimental

heart pounding

bonafide connections

based in logan, ut

traveling worldwide

Show me what your love really looks and feels like and I’ll show you how magical your love truly is

my why

photographs and oil paintings

one day i would lose those i loved,

when i realized that

my grandparents died when my mother was in her early 20's

the only tangible things I have that gave me a sense of who they were are from

giving myself &others this hopeful gift became my purpose and greatest joy

my grandma betty was an oil painter. her presence lives on in our home through paintings that my own mother has hung up on our walls.

it became apparent to me that immortalizing moments in time was more than just a pretty picture. It is a timeless gift that hold the essence of decades and decades of stories and love. 

i know i'm not for everyone,
and that's okay

i have been photographing beautiful humans and love since high school

every person i've met through this incredible job has left me feeling inspired, grateful and full of love.

my work and purpose runs much deeper than taking a pretty posed photo and calling it a day. there are plenty of photographers who take good pretty pictures- I want to give you more than that. 

I promise to create a safe space for all of us to feel, experience and create with freedom and honesty. no faking, no forced movements or insincere moments

-my husband, Jake
-Twenty One Pilots
-exploring new places
-trying new foods

im also passionate of

-making people feel loved, needed and recognized are some of my biggest passions and joys in life
-positive youth development
-mental health education & awareness
-drawing and painting
-This is Us (the tv show)

who/what i love


"One of my favorite things about Macayla is that she immediately makes you feel seen and heard for who you are, almost as if you have been friends forever. I was so impressed with Macayla’s ability to naturally capture true emotion. Our time together was effortless and fun. It felt like spending time with a good friend."

-words from a cherished client of mine

"Macayla made us feel comfortable and at home. She gave us space to have intimate moments and connections which is something so unique and special to her brand and purpose. Not only did we receive beautiful photos that we will always treasure, but we had a great experience that will also always be remembered."

—Emma and Ryan

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